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We couldn't do it without our loyal supporters.

I am grateful for the opportunity to experience the neglected music that you all program for us.  There seems to be so much of it and your personal commitment to finding it, learning it, and performing it is a wonderful privilege for those of us who are the beneficiaries of that commitment.
           -- W. David Connell

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Individual Donors


MusicaNova Circle
(>$10,000 lifetime)

Robert Altizer & Dr. Deborah DeSimone    

Warren Cohen & Carolyn Whitaker 

Ed & Cynthia DuBrow

Jill Forsyth-Koritala

Ritsuko Maugeri        

John A. & Elizabeth Longo McKinnon         

Ann B. Ritt      

Hannah Selznick/The Oboe Fairy    

French horn

Musician's Circle


John Friedeman

Christine Parker

Pat Snyder

Teets family

Conductor's baton

Conductor's Circle


The family of Alice Bendheim          

W. David Connell

Robert Dixon

Robert & Cindy Leger           

James & Rita Whitaker

Dominique van de Stadt & 
    Octavio Pàjaro

Denise Wilson


Concertmaster's Circle


John & Kathleen Cleveland  

Gail Rittenhouse

Marj Sherman




(up to $499)

Arlinda Andrews

Tom Andrews

Leonard Avdey

John Berky

Moria Bogardus

Peter Blandino

Helen Brush

Ling Bundgaard

Camille Conforti

Camilla Course-Liddell

Monty Coury

Michael Cucka

Catherine Galle

Carol Greenley

Eily Hallagan

Ethel Harris

Peter Heiman

Robert Huka

David Ice

Cathy Janssen

Irma Jurado

Margaret Koontz

Joseph Langlois

Patrick Jonathan

Steven Lack

D. Ledbetter

Althea Levine

Peter Livingston

Robert Morris

Barbara Moss

Gary Moss

Deone Monson

David Nachman

Mary McAllister

Deone Monson

Marsha Nelson

Kristine Nguyen

Jill Osborne

Steven Popko

Kathryn Proffitt

Dora Marie Provine

Eunjung Park

Janet Quiroz

Nancy Ramirez

Donna Reiner

Peggy Rostron

Michael Sarda

Joey Sienicki

Blair & Pat Snyder

Karen Thomasson

Penelope Tschantz

Annette Vigil

Terry Watson 

Jack Watson

Kristina Wertz

Bjorn Westman

Travis Williams

Patricia Zajac

Xuecong Xia

Hong Zhu & Fei Xu

Anonymous (15)

Our Founders

MusicaNova was founded in 2003 to chart a path different from the Valley's other orchestras. We are eternally grateful for the vision and dedication of the people who made this vision a reality.

Warren Cohen & Carolyn Whitaker

Edward & Cynthia DuBrow

Jill M. Forsyth-Koritala

Thomas Gasbarre

Jack & Elaine Jasperson

John & Elizabeth McKinnon

Merrill & Barbara Moss

Ann B. Ritt

Hannah Selznick

Loren Anderson & Patricia Stacy

William & Wendy Stanley

James & Rita Whitaker

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